Monday, June 20, 2011

November 2002 Pictures

The owner of #1998 performed most of the bodywork up to this point.  I purchased the car with most of this work done, and I'm going to chronicle it so that it's easy to see what he did and when he did it.  The previous owner purchased two cars, #1998 and #6650 and began cutting up the wrecked #6650 to restore #1998.

Appears to be Chassis #1998, before paint stripping began.

Decklid from #1998, judging by the absence of a ridge.  Note the rust around the spider.

Chassis #6650, judging by the rear bumper mounts.  Most of my parts came from this car.

Rear wheelhouse of #6650, in great shape.  Compare with the first photo, and it's pretty clear why the previous owner chose to use these wheelhouses, but more on that later.  All photos are from the previous owner.

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