Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 2006 Pictures

Passenger side work, showing some filler at the door and no front fender.

Rear quarter panel.  The decklid from #6650 is shown on the car.  I don't have any sheetmetal parts from #6650, and I have a flat decklid.  Both #6650 and #1998 were yellow from the factory. 

The previous owner painted the inside of the door as well as the frame.

Passenger side view of completed door skin.  The front fender hasn't been installed yet.

Rear view.  I think the previous owner wanted to see it with a red taillight mockup or something. 

Drivers side view, nicely finished.

Naked front end, but the passenger side fender is back on the car.

View showing passengers side fender on the car.

Drivers side fender is now on the car.

Removal and replacement of the valance.  I know that the valance and radiator support were both repaired or replaced.  Johnny Woods supplied the valance according to receipts and emails that the previous owner provided.

First trial of the headlight bucket.  Apparently the 1974 fender opening for the headlight bucket is different than the 1971 fender opening.  The car has the original fender on the passengers side but has the fender from #6650 on the drivers side.

The original bucket opening didn't fit, so a new opening was fabricated.

The bucket fits better now.  I didn't realize this, but the bucket openings are not perfectly fitted to the buckets themselves in the first place, so if this is slightly off, I'm the only one that will notice it. 

Fenders complete and painted.  The previous owner even installed the gills, probably in an effort to mock up the car look.  Luckily he saved the right gills.

Notice in this picture that the hood is a carbon fiber unit from Precision Proformance (according to receipts).  The hood doesn't fit at the lower lip, and could have been fixed.  I don't understand why he didn't fix this, as I now have to fix it.  The hood curve at the bottom lip and the body curve don't work together, and the better Panteras out there have flawlessly curved hood and body transitions.  By no means am I critical of the previous owner; he probably did what he could here.

Notice the body filler on the passengers side indentation as the hood and fender meet, righ near the headlight bucket.  The hood doesn't fit here either, and I can't figure out why there's so much filler.  Well, this is part of the major hood fitup issues I have. 

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