Monday, June 27, 2011

More Intermission: Amerisport Engine Pictures

Kirk Evans has been very helpful to me as of late.  I bought a set of heads and a Parker Funnel Web intake manifold with port stuffers from him for my 351 Cleveland.  I want to stroke the engine to 393 cubic inches using a Scat stroker kit, use a large hydraulic roller cam, and do something like this:

Notice the effect of the red engine, cast aluminum silver, and polished black engine compartment.  The engine and transaxle are emphasized in the black paint, and it looks stunning to me.  The heads are stock quench 4V heads with port stuffers and a Funnel Web intake manifold.   Kirk topped it off with a custom-made engine screen and offset the air cleaner to work with the stock decklid.

Notice the extensive use of braided stainless lines, the red highlighting paint on the manifold, etc.  I realize that the air cleaner obliterates the rear view through the decklid, but

Photos courtesy of Kirk Evans.

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