Monday, October 31, 2011

Areas with Cracks Already?

I haven't even painted the car and I've already got cracking!  What gives?  Well, I don't know completely, but I'm going to dig in and find out.  Here are some pictures of the offenders:

Passenger side rear corner where the body necks down by the gill.  You can see more by clicking 

Comparison of Two Cars

A recent post on the Pantera International forum showed the difference in size of the Pantera and modern cars.  Here's a couple of my Pantera versus my 2000 Nissan Maxima.

The Pantera doesn't have an engine, transmission, or much else, so it sits about 4" too high already.  

It mat not look it, but the Maxima really dwarfs the Pantera

I aligned the front of the car, and here's the back ends

The front end, in case you didn't believe me.