Thursday, August 9, 2012

Known Issues

I was able to bring the car home on a trailer with the help of my brother today.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Picking up Car, Misc.

I'm going to pick up the Pantera shell and related body parts on Thursday this week, minus any paint or bodywork.  Unfortunately, our trade agreement has hit a snag.  Stay tuned, since I may actually paint the car myself.  I've been talking to Brian Chomicz and Gary Walker about painting, and they seem to think that while it's a lot of work, it isn't too difficult.

I had Mike Drew go through my steering rack.  Everything looked good except an overtightened ball joint.  I need to get some lock nuts on the ball joint ends for sure.  Mike filled it with grease and replaced both rubber boots as well.  It has an official clean bill of health, ready to go into the car.

I also received Kirk Evan's "Cat-eye Quad" headlight system and two used front turn signal assemblies.   I can now install them in the headlight buckets and start the installation of Gary Walker's linear actuator assemblies.

More to come...