Thursday, August 9, 2012

Known Issues

I was able to bring the car home on a trailer with the help of my brother today.

More below...

I took a few photos of the car and took some more of known issues.  I've compiled them in this post. The earlier known cracks from too heavy of body filler and just at the usual places on the car are here:

I also took some pictures of various locations of other problems.  I'll be adding more to this post as I think through everything.

Front hood fit, showing indent of body.

Overall front fit.  It's not too bad but the gaps decrease as you get close to the front of the car.

Another shot of the front of the car.

Front hood fit is bad on this side.

Passenger's side headlight bar bracket raised up as far as it will go.

Driver's side headlight bar bracket also raised up.  Notice the difference between this picture and the previous picture.

Passenger's side headlight bucket opening, with piece of wood to illustrate the difference between the two sides.  Notice that this side is flush,

and this side is 1/4" down.  It actually should be opposite, but I think that the previous owner shrunk the opening at the back of the opening, not both sides and probably didn't think about aligning them.

There are only one or two other major issues with the state of the bodywork.  I'll take a picture of the windshield opening and show one of them as well as take a picture of the decklid.  The decklid looks easy to fix, but the windshield opening looks like fun.  It may be the simplest fix.

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