Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nancy's Pantera

I ran into Nancy in Idaho while on vacation over the weekend.  Nancy's husband passed away some time ago but Nancy is still driving their Pantera!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shift Knob and Clutch Master Bracket

Here's an interesting shift knob I was able to pick up for not a lot of money.  I hope my hand doesn't burn from touching it when the sun is shining.  I tried out a similar knob in a friend's car and liked it.

I also found a used Hall Pantera black anodized clutch slave mount through the POCA email forum.  I bought it for a reasonable amount, but I wasn't satisfied with the spring return bracket.  The bracket was made of mild steel and powder coated, but the coating was worn off in places and the steel underneath was rusting.  I knew that Mark Johnson with IPSCO sells a similar bracket in stainless steel, so I gave Mark a call.  It turns out that the bracket dimensions were really close, and Mark was willing to sell me just the bracket.  I re-tapped the threads for the screws provided.