Friday, January 25, 2013

Weber Carburetors, Part III

I have so much to share that I'm going to push the tuning links back to Part IV or even Part V.  I haven't even got to the other good part- the EFI part!

System Prices

A few people have asked what a Weber IDF system might cost  I can estimate it but it depends upon a lot of variables, such as where you buy the carburetors, what linkage you run, if you want an expert to set it up, what jets you need, etc.  Webers were never cheap, so you should stick with that 4-bbl if you like things cheaper and simpler.  Here's some quick up-front costs for example:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weber Carburetors, Part II

Anatomy of a Weber IDF

The carb in the following pictures is a junk 40 IDF that I picked up locally for nothing but I had to buy the top as it was still good.  I wanted the carb to serve as a mockup carburetor for my engine.  It's a great piece for exploring the inner workings of the carburetor.  In all, the carburetor isn't as complex as you might think.

Rear view.  Block-off plate is missing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weber Carburetors, Part I

I've always loved Weber carburetors.  I think they make a V8 look just that much better.  Lately, I've been working on a few ideas.  I'm planning to use 2V style heads since there are so many manifold choices these days.  However, up until recently, there hasn't been a Weber intake for the 2V Cleveland that is readily available.  There is a manifold called the "Cain" manifold for a 2V Cleveland that was not produced in numbers and is pretty much non-existent.  However, recently a version was made in Australia by Aussiespeed that is the same thing:

Aussiespeed Manifold