Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shift Knob and Clutch Master Bracket

Here's an interesting shift knob I was able to pick up for not a lot of money.  I hope my hand doesn't burn from touching it when the sun is shining.  I tried out a similar knob in a friend's car and liked it.

I also found a used Hall Pantera black anodized clutch slave mount through the POCA email forum.  I bought it for a reasonable amount, but I wasn't satisfied with the spring return bracket.  The bracket was made of mild steel and powder coated, but the coating was worn off in places and the steel underneath was rusting.  I knew that Mark Johnson with IPSCO sells a similar bracket in stainless steel, so I gave Mark a call.  It turns out that the bracket dimensions were really close, and Mark was willing to sell me just the bracket.  I re-tapped the threads for the screws provided.

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