Monday, October 31, 2011

Areas with Cracks Already?

I haven't even painted the car and I've already got cracking!  What gives?  Well, I don't know completely, but I'm going to dig in and find out.  Here are some pictures of the offenders:

Passenger side rear corner where the body necks down by the gill.  You can see more by clicking 

Passenger side top of A-pillar crack.

Crack at drivers side top of A-pillar.

Good picture of the drivers side crack just at the top of the gill.

Odd crack at the drivers side door panel where it meets the window frame.

Odd crack at the opposite side of the normal crack area, passenger side taillight area

Better picture of the cracking.

1/16" of body filler here, and I don't know why.  I'll have the body guy take it to bare metal to see what was being hidden.  

I drilled this hole thru the original decal mount holes, and it cracked- center hole- look at the three radial cracks.

Drivers side hole for deTomaso emblem.  Again, radial cracks.

Oddly enough or fortunately, no cracks at the normal location.  The previous owner said that he welded this area up solid.

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bill said...

Corey, Are the cracks coming through the primer? Now is the time to dig in and put metal behind the surface skin and weld it in. Those are all common areas, prone too cracking. Bill 1362