Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 2003 Pictures

Driver’s side wheelhouse from #6650 in June of 2003.  Great shape!

Driver’s side transmission mount, showing that metal is in good shape/little rust.

Bracket made to brace the back sheetmetal. 

Chassis #1998, showing surgery to remove the driver’s side wheelhouse, June 2003.  Note the condition of the passenger’s side wheelhouse.  Undercoating still visible and not removed. 

Appears to be the driver’s side wheelhouse from #6650, grafted into #1998.

Chassis #1998 with a new wheelhouse. 

Test-fitting of the driver’s rear quarter panel.  Note the ribbed decklid from #6650.  I’m not a fan of the ribbed decklids nor of the color.

Finished rear quarter panel and wheelhouse.

Chassis #1998 stripped to bare metal on the outside.  Remnants of yellow paint still remain. 

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