Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 2004 Pictures

One thing I didn't also say in my last post was that I believe #6650 had roof and A-pillar issues from the wreck on the passenger side.

The previous owner removed the frame rails under the cabin for some reason, probably due
to the rust bug.  He rebuilt the rails in double-walled 14 gauge steel.  I hope he rust proofed it in there, because it's now sealed off.  I might need to drill a few holes for drainage.

Another picture of the rails and their construction.

The previous owner also rebuilt one of the frame crossmembers.

The tunnel was removed from #1998 and the tunnel from #6650 grafted in.  I really wish he had replaced the heater tubes while he could, because now it's a real pain.  One more caveat of this swap:  the '71 console & armrest no longer fits well.  The '74 tunnel grafted in has mounts for the later-style console and armrest, and a '71 console & dash go together- you can't mix them according to Steve Wilkinson.  

Notice the different fenders in this picture.  The passenger side is the original fender and front nose clip.  The drivers side is from #6650.  The turn signal pod was removed.  There's quite a bit of filler on both sides, and I'm going to have to massage both sides around the turn signal indentations.

The firewall was replaced with 14 gauge steel.

Picture from the cabin showing the new firewall and rebuilt tunnel.  

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