Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Windshield, AC Grill

I bought a glue-in windshield from Panteras By Wilkinson the other day and it arrived today.  The box that it was shipped in was supposedly "$100" but it looks like it was $5 in cardboard.  I decided on a glue-in windshield since I'm missing three of the four pieces of surrounding stainless trim and I don't care for the rubber look.  The glue-in seems so much more modern.  I just wish it was a little easier on the wallet.  It is still easier on the wallet than buying a windshield, the correct gasket, and then all of the missing stainless pieces.  Such a course would be easily double the cost of the glue-in windshield.

The AC grill is straightforward and the price wasn't too high at $177.  I was shocked to see that you put in the lower or upper studs, fasten the studs, then bend the thing into shape!  It doesn't come pre-bent.  The good thing is it appears to be made of brass, which should be easily bent.

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