Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gas Tank Update and Fuel Pickup

I found a radiator shop that was willing to braze up the holes in the gas tank, clean out the rust, and seal it up for about $125.  I think the price is a good deal and I wonder if they're just slow.  Hopefully everything turns out good.  I'll pick it up soon.

Also, I've been discussing fuel pickup methods with Adam Quella.  Adam recommended that I use an external fuel pump, pre-filter, and main filter.  Here are a few pictures from Pantera Performance Center's Facebook page:

Here's a pre filter with integral ball valve and a fuel pump.  Adam Quella said this is an older version of the current setup.

Here, they combined the final filter with the fuel pump and a remote oil filter.

Here's the pickup elbow under the gas tank with the pre-filter in the background.  The drain plug is a M22x1.5 threaded plug, which makes it hard to find an adapter.  Notice that the gas tank support is bent slightly to allow for this to happen.

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