Monday, February 24, 2014

Half-shafts Part V (almost done)

I finally had some time to start assembly of the half-shafts.  The process seems easy but getting the caps to go in straight was a challenge.  I used the press to help straighten when needed but it still took some time.  Once the caps were straight, they seemed to be very easy to press on.  One u-joint in an outer yoke ended up very tight which means some extra work on my part to free it up.  I hope I don't have to pull it apart as that could ruin the caps.  I was told that the u-joint crosses fit badly and that the joints weren't long enough to avoid excessive play in the cross.  I have to say that for the most part, that wasn't the issue in my case.  If anything, they are a little too tight in two instances.

My efforts to index each one to their respective piece paid off in that assembly was easy.  Each male or female half was indexed to its respective mate and also to the side as a whole as seen here.  I did this by grinding small indentations in the outer ends and also at corresponding locations on the male or female splined ends.  

 Here's the first cross caps being pressed into the outer yoke.

Assembled outer yoke.

Outer yoke and cross being readied for female splined yoke.

Assembled female splined yoke half.

Assembly of the male splined yokes.

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