Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interior Ideas

I have never really liked the two-pod dash style.  I traded some parts for a single pod dash that looks like this:

I have the vent inserts and two of the switches.  While I like the concept of the dash, blonde leather is not what I want, unless it could be used as an accent.  Also, the burlwood dash piece has too much of a glossy, plastic feel.  I think dash inserts are classic and needed in a Pantera interior.  It seems to break up the sea of black in the interior.  Most new vehicles don't have all-black interiors; car manufacturers usually include some form of trim piece that serves to break up the look.  Original early Panteras used chrome accents on gauges and other parts to break up the black look.

I would like to take the stock interior a step further by using a brushed stainless or aluminum insert in the dash and on the gauge console, like these:

I like the aluminum but want a brushed look with chrome accents, gauge console included.

Here's a gauge console, with later switches and early gauges.  Not bad at all, but I'm looking for a cleaner design.  Take this and marry it with the pictures below:

The above two pictures are from #5555.  I really like most of what Alex has done, but I wouldn't do the touch screen.  The seats are Cobra adjustable lightweight seats and are truly beautiful!  Alex has a Wilwood front to rear brake bias adjuster on the dash- nice touch but most people wouldn't know what that is.  I would probably leave that somewhere accessible to the driver but out of view.

Here's an interior with all carbon-fiber from Panteras by Wilkinson.  Cool stuff but not totally what I'm after.  However, the gauge console is more logical than the current Pantera's console and that is why I have posted this picture. I don't mind the switches for this setup but prefer the typical Pantera switches.

David's interior is simple and quite nice.  The high armrest allows one to rest the shifter arm and still shift easily, or so it seems. 

I found these and most of the rest of the pictures in this post by searching on Google, not intending to infringe on copyrights.

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