Sunday, May 12, 2013

Half Shaft Rebuild Part III

I couldn't get the last two u-joints out, so I took it to a machine shop.  The machinist couldn't get the u-joints out either, so he cut them out with a torch.  It's now time to blast them, paint them or have them plated and re-assemble with new u-joints.

Here are the half shafts, laid out as they came apart.  My marks are easy to see but it's important to keep  the yoke sides together as they are balanced that way.

Here's the 45mm cap for the end of the female splined yoke.  You will probably need a cap to prevent grease from flying around out of the end if your half shaft end is missing one like mine.

Here's the other female splined yoke.  Someone has done a good job at welding in the cap.

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