Monday, September 5, 2011

Front hood

After a month of craziness at work, I got a break.  I should be able to post more frequently now.

I bought the car with a carbon fiber overlaid fiberglass hood. When I went to see the car, the one thing I hated with the car it was the ill-fitting hood.  Who in the world made these so crappy?

You can see the obvious finish issues.  Notice the wavy appearance, but pardon the dust.

The hood doesn't conform to the fender very well either.  

The main reason I hated it is for the front fit.  Actually, it turns out that the body was the issue and not the hood, but at first, I was convinced that it was the hood.

You can see the bow in the hood.  I think this is intentional to compensate for eventual stress relaxation, creep, and sag.

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