Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wiring Harness Genie

I let the genie out of the bottle today by pulling the wiring harness from #6650 out of the box it was curled up in.  It looked like a black, wire snake.

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They left all the gauges connected, so that should make it easier.  However, life isn't easy, so I expect some fun here.

Here's an example of a cut portion of the harness.  I think i've figured out where this connects to, but no idea which of the two red and two black wires go to what.

The relay panel is from the '74 car.  Looks like it's all there, but I don't know if the relays are good or not.

Another good shot of the cut part of the harness.

I don't know what this is, but it appears to be the reverse switch.  If you know what this is, please comment.

Some frayed insulation on the battery cables.

Wiring going to the doors, including the door switch.

Overall view of the untangled mess.

Fuse box, with all fuses intact.  The rubber mount and bolts are all there.

The AC switch back, where it came apart.  It appears that I'll need a new one of these, and possibly other stuff as well.

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