Friday, September 9, 2011

Hood trade

After a short discussion on the Pantera International Forum, I was contacted by a fellow Pantera owner about the possibility of a trade.  The fellow said that he would be willing to trade straight across if we could work out shipping.  We let it simmer for several weeks while I talked to the body guy who would be painting my car and I found that the steel stock hood would be a better fit for the car.  I arranged to have the hood shipped for free through my brother's company, and the steel hood picked up at a specific location.  I don't know who got the better deal, but the hood I picked up is in decent shape.  There is a depression near the driver's side upper corner, but it isn't bad and should be easy to remove.

The good thing is that I sent all of the pictures I took to the fellow, and he decided to still go through with the arrangement, knowing that the finish and fit of the carbon fiber/fiberglass hood wasn't the best.  I sometimes wonder if he realizes that he only lightened his car by 5 or 10 lbs since the fiberglass hood doesn't save that much weight.


Anonymous said...

No need to wonder any longer. I actually did know the weight difference and that wasn't why I wanted a CF hood. The reason was to match the CF rear decklid I already had.

Corey said...

Thanks Scott! I didn't know that. Hope my post was okay