Thursday, July 27, 2017

Coyote Engine Teardown, Part 3

I decided to tear the engine down further, not trusting what I was seeing in the cylinder bores.  The plan is that if the bores need only honing, I may just replace the rings and have the block honed & surfaced.  If the bores need more than honing, I will consider new forged pistons and rods. 

Here she is, with no heads and just the oil pan.

The complete valvetrain, minus valves and such in the heads. 

Oil pump with stock studs showing.

Rod journals on the crank seem to be okay. 

The bottom end, with loose main cap bolts.

I found the pistons to be quite dirty and full of carbon deposits, probably from burning oil excessively.

The crankshaft is a work of art.

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