Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Coyote Engine Teardown, Part 1

I decided to tear down the Coyote and rebuild it while the car chassis is in Oregon. 

Here's the engine with the intake and injectors removed. 

Removal of right heater core tube.

Removal of left heater core tube.

Water pump pulley is removed.

Next the water pump and thermostat housing.

Each valve cover is removed.  Note stud bolt at back side of valve cover.

Valve covers removed.

Front timing cover removed.

Timing chain tensioners and primary timing chains removed.

Secondary timing chains removed, with a picture to remember how to orient the secondary chain tensioner slider.

Camshafts removed, with each set of (small) rockers and lash adjusters.

Camshafts for left head.

Looks like I should replace my crank mounted timing gear, given the marks.

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