Saturday, August 31, 2013

ZF Transaxle Safety Wiring Part III

I have finally reached the point where I actually show the safety wiring!  Yay!
To begin, one needs to understand how to install safety wire.  The ARP bolts use 0.032" safety wire, which was included with the bolts.  Safety wire pliers were not included but are really handy in doing this stuff.  I would recommend them.

Here's a great video that shows tricks and the basic approach:

Jet Tech: Lockwire

I watched the video a few time and then tried it.  It took a few attempts but I was able to pul it off.  Here's the basic approach on the differential:

Feed the wire in a hole that is oriented perpendicular to the bearing.  Wrap the wire around the right side of the bolt and under the wire going into the hole.  Allow a length of wire that is about three times the distance to the next bolt.  A few attempts at doing this will help with the approximate length, and I gave myself less and less wire as I did a few more.  Cut the feed (wire going into the hole) wire the same length as the other wire after you have enough wire at both ends.  

Give the wire a yank to set and twist one to two times by hand clockwise.  Use pliers at both free wire ends for any wire twisting.

Measure the wire to the destination bolt hole, preferably in the 9 to 11 o'clock position when looking down on the bolt, with 12 o'clock being closest to the axle bearing.  Lock the safety wire pliers onto the wire at the measured location and pull the end, twisting the wire away (down and to the left) from the first bolt.   The video says 8-10 twists per inch, and I found that it was tough to go beyond 8 twists per inch.

Wrap the wire around the bolt, measuring the wire twists.  Check to make sure the wire isn't twisted beyond the destination hole.  If good, put the top wire in the hole such that the wires won't un-twist when pulled into the hole.  Pull one wire through the destination hole and be careful not to get any snags.

Wrap the other wire around the bolt and under the wire protruding from the hole.  Twist these by hand in a counter-clockwise direction. 

Twist the wires to about 1-1/2" or so.  Clip the end off at about 3/4".

Follow the video and fold the wire up, twisting the end back in, hiding the sharp wire ends.

Here's my finished differential.  It was hard to do at first but the last two were much easier.  Overall, it wasn't that hard.  I barely had enough wire after messing up the first two attempts.

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