Friday, July 15, 2011

October 2007 Pictures

The steering rack was completely rebuilt, with a new bronze bushing and new end boots.  I found out just recently that the right side boot is now leaking.  I have a lovely slick of gear oil all over below the A-arm.  Fabulous.  I called the previous owner, and he said that it was probably just a bad boot. 

Here's a fuzzy picture of the rack disassembled and awaiting reassembly.  The previous owner said that there wasn't any wear on the parts.  He just wanted to replace the nylon bushing with a better oilite bronze bushing.

The front spindle shaft looks okay, but I can't really tell if it's pitted.  The bearings are installed on this axle and can mess up the axle if they get damaged, lock up, and spin on the axle.  Rust and corrosion can also be an issue.

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