Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fast forward to when I bought it

I purchased #1998 around the first part of February 2011.  The previous owner rebuilt the suspension between 2007 and 2011, but didn't include many pictures.

This is what the car looked like when I bought it.  The carbon fiber hood isn't my favorite part of the car, but at least it had a hood.  Notice that the wheels are on the car.  The suspension was rebuilt and installed on the car.  The Koni adjustable shocks were rebuilt and painted.  To see more, click "read more" below.

The hood latch mechanism is in perfect shape, and it looks like the original brake booster & master cylinder from the '74 car.  The clutch master cylinder is a rebuilt unit from PI Motorsports.

The door jamb is now in pristine condition.  The latch striker is new.

Parts for the car.  Most of the parts were there.  I have '74 seats that look new, but aren't my favorite seat.  For sure, my favorite looking seat is a Cobra Misano S sport seat.  I have no idea if they're comfortable, but they definitely look great!  Pantera Forum- Alex's Cobra Seats 

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