Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rockers and Front Clip Removed

Another hot and heavy day in the shop!  The outer rocker sheetmetal was removed, as was the entire front outer sheetmetal, minus the cowl vent area.

Here's the car, with the front clip and rocker sheetmetal removed, minus the front valance.

Here's the front end, showing the cut valance.  It appears I will be replacing this valance with a used valance from a friend.

The B-pillar doesn't look so good on the passenger's side.

The passenger's side A-pillar attachment to the roof structure leaves a lot to be desired!  It will have to be redone.  

The rear of the car is in the best shape, as can be seen in this recently-sanded rear quarter.

The passenger's side rear quarter was spliced just behind the wheel, and the back corner could use some work but the panel is otherwise okay.

The driver's outer rocker was removed, showing the inner rocker.  It looks okay.

The front end without a valance.  Not too bad.

Driver's side lower jamb will be replaced.

Passenger's side lower jamb will also be replaced.

Here's the interior, with the steel plates removed.  No idea why they were necessary.

The car is being loaded on a trailer for transport to the blaster.

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