Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Block is Decked and Lifter Bushings Installed

The 351 Cleveland block came back from the CNC machine shop today.  I had lifter bore bushings installed and aligned them with the camshaft centerline by a Rottler F79A CNC machine. The machinist asked for lifters, so I bought what I liked, which were the Crane Cams hydraulic roller lifters. 

The Crane Cams lifters pictured above are nicely made with precision bodies and plungers. 

Here's the block, decked with lifter bore bushings installed.

Here are the lifter bore bushings, honed to 0.001" clearance.  There are 0.060" oiling holes in the lifters clocked to the oil galleries.

The block deck was squared to the crank centerline.  Apparently the block deck was up to 0.006" out of square!  The machinist also milled the top of the block walls for me, which was not requested but provided.  I like that kind of service a lot.

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