Monday, August 25, 2014


I have been working on the Pantera but failed to post.  I finished the half-shafts, finally.  I'm going to wait to grease them to keep them nice and pretty looking.  I love the natural cadmium plated finish.

I also bought a fuel tank fitting from Pantera Performance Center.  Dennis and Adam have been around a while and figured out how to do things.  I searched for a fuel tank fitting suitable for the Pantera and found a few, but Dennis and Adam have a fitting that they use. It has an integral sealing washer and the nut & sealing washer spin differently than the body, making assembly and positioning a snap.

I've also finished rebuilding the seat tracks with cad-plated tracks and new plastic roller wheels.  The tracks are awesome but don't slide as well as I thought they would.  I think once I put the seats on and put them in the car, they should slide just fine.  I've started rebuilding a clutch slave cylinder and will post pictures and seal part numbers once I get it finished.  The slave cylinder bore was pitted and rusty so I honed the inside of it with a brake cylinder hone.  If the rebuild doesn't work well, I'm only out $20. 

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