Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Utah Pantera Get-Together

Once again, we had our annual Utah Pantera Get-Together.  It was a really, really hot Saturday morning, with temperatures later in the day exceeding 103 degrees F.  Four Panteras and eight owners came, making this a little more of a success than the last meeting in September 2012.   Evan Deneris was our gracious host, and each Pantera was parked around his beautiful front yard's fountain.

Doug Reynold's black '74 was beautiful.  One of the rare so-called "Super Panteras" modified by the late Gary Hall, the car hasn't seen the light of day in 10 to 15 years.  Doug said it was in rough shape, but Rex Marshall and Doug really went over it, polished it, and got it running.  A small coolant leak at the Hall Phoenix radiator led to some coolant loss on the driveway.

Engine view of Doug's Pantera.  It appears to have A3 heads and a healthy spider intake.  Polished bits are everywhere.

Interior of Doug's car.

Rear view of Doug's car.

Evan's beautiful car in red. 

 Picture of Evan's recently rebuilt engine, "Pandora's Box".  Evan wanted to change the cam and ended up changing just about everything.  

Rex Marshall's always nice supercharged and flared Pantera.

Here's a decent picture of the supercharger.  Notice no jack-shaft.

The supercharger in Rex's car is somehow fit below the glass and even has upholstery surrounding the drive snout.

Brooke Pitt's father-in-law lent out this white beauty.  Brooke said he lost a lot of weight (apparently 10 lbs according to Brooke on the way home) driving in the heat without working air conditioning. The noise from the engine combined with wind noise and gutted mufflers was so deafening, Brooke wore earplugs.

The white car is the first Pantera I ever rode in, and it was fast enough to scare me.

Although it's not Pantera-related, we really liked the 1970 Boss 302 as well.

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