Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lights and Strut Kit

I finally got around to installing Amerisport Cat-eye Quad Headlights in my headlight buckets.  

Each side was fitted and then drilled for a small countersunk screw.  Kirk's kit includes a nice composite bezel that finishes off the lights.  Not sure it is necessary, but it works nice.

Here's the light assembly with the composite fiberglass bezel installed.

I broke off a screw head in one of my buckets.  The bucket is slightly tweaked, so installation was a bit more challenging.

Finished product. Unfortunately, I learned how much rust the buckets contain in the seams.  I will dip them in a rust converter and get something to protect the seams.

IPSCO Strut Kit

I wanted to replace my struts, and this kit seemed to solve the problems associated with the stock mounting place on the decklid.

IPSCO's strut kit includes instructions, four aluminum mounts with stainless ball nuts, instructions, and a drill stop.  I installed mine in a few hours time.

The lower mounts attach at the body seam near the front of the decklid opening as seen here.

Holes are drilled in the decklid and a small nut plate is fished into place to back up the aluminum mount.  I think it's important to write that the mounts have a specific direction of installation.  If you get it wrong, the holes will not line up.  I have the decklid ready to be drilled here with the templates supplied.

Here's the finished product, with high-pressure gas shocks.  The shocks slow movement at the last inch of travel.  My only comments is that this kit bends the wheelhouse sheetmetal where the mounts are attached.  It's interesting that it fixes the decklid only to cause bending in the wheelhouse areas.  I think I'll strip the paint and install some reinforcing plate on the backside of these areas.  The decklid is not bent by the strut kit due to the angle of the strut attachment, which is good.

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