Friday, September 21, 2012

September Utah Pantera Owners Meet & Greet

I have been a Pantera owner for almost two years now, and I always thought that there weren’t many Panteras in Utah.  I was half-right; there aren’t many but there are more than I thought.  As I met and introduced myself to Pantera owners in Utah, it became clear that those who did own cars in Utah didn’t know a lot of other owners.  So, I decided to make some calls, send out an email or two, and see if I couldn’t get some people together for a few hours to talk about their cars.

September 15th seemed like a great date for a “meet & greet”, so I emailed and called people.  Before I knew it, people were telling me about another owner, who would tell me about another.  We soon had about seven owners who said that they could come, and a few of them had running cars to drive.   The owners who came besides myself were Rich Papworth (Pappy), Brooke Pitt, Art Wright, Rex & Debbie Marshall, Evan & Zach Deneris, and Bill Robbins. 

My wife commented on how much she liked the cars, especially Rex & Debbie’s flared ’74 with its white racing stripes.  She suggested that I should put flares and stripes on my ’71, and I definitely think she liked the Pantera in general a lot more.  Instead of being a primer-gray shell taking up space, she could see the classic style that these cars ooze in large quantities.   

We agreed to meet up once again in a few months, hopefully with more cars and less mosquitos.  Until then, the get-together left us a little more enthusiastic for the Pantera!

Rex & Debbie Marshall's '73 supercharged flared custom Pantera GTS 

Evan Deneris' '71 beauty

Rich Papworth's '72 original car, complete with original owner

Four Panteras on my driveway is such a beautiful sight.  Even better that one of them is mine!

Zach Deneris, Art Wright, Evan Deneris, and Rich Papworth (left to right)

Rex Marshall and Brooke Pitt (left to right)

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