Monday, January 2, 2012

Test-fit of Decklid Latches

I test-fit the decklid latches today.  Everything looked and went flawless. I love the fit and perfect match of the lower latch.  The upper latch is the heavy-gauge sheet metal variety that has tabs on each side to center the latch assembly.

I also bought some metal epoxy for the side cast aluminum gills.  The epoxy has aluminum and silica as a supplemental binder as opposed to the common steel particles.  I don't want a steel-filled epoxy since the steel could rust, expand, and loosen the gills on the mounts.  I have some 10-24 stainless steel rod to fit the threads in the gills, and I just need to cut the rod, make up some epoxy, install the rods, and test fit the assembly.

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