Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tasks Prior to Paint

I have many tasks to complete prior to the car going in for paint.  The official date is coming quickly, which is December 26th.  I hope to get most of these done. 

1.  I bought a new decklid latch assembly and upper sheetmetal latch bar from Panteras by Wilkinson when they had a special on the pair ($40 for both!).  I need to buy some nuts and hardware to test how the new decklid latch fits since my car is essentially a basket-case other than the rolling chassis, brakes, suspension, wheels, etc.

2.  The stainless window trim has a few small dents that I'd like to pound out before paint.  They will be painted black like the rest of the trim.

3.  The aluminum gills are attached to the car using studs and nuts from the inside.  Several studs are missing and it appears that the previous owner drilled them out.  I plan to get some stainless heli-coil kits to repair the missing studs and threads.  One gill has a corner taken off, but I'm probably not going to fix it.  I'll let Todd look at it.

4.  Remove right door window mechanism and vertical front door glass rails. 

5.  Purchase appropriate chassis braces.  I'll explain this one in a future post.

6.  Cut headlight buckets according to the instructions for Amerisport headlights.  I like Kirk's headlight conversion. I haven't purchased the conversion kit just yet, and I have a really good reason, direct from Kirk.

I would like to get a gasketless windshield from Panteras by Wilkinson, so I need to call Steve to talk about what I need to do.

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